Page 2 of 12 gets on the FAN-O-RAMA bandwagon, whatever that is… issues a stern warning to fans. has read the signs and knows that our trailer signals the end of times. wallows in the aftermath of what we’ve released.

Who can it be now? It’s us, and we’ve brought a trailer and some malt liquor.

We were thinking, what should we post next? Why not Zoidberg? Check out link in bio for the trailer of our upcoming fan film. #futurama #fanorama #zoidberg #fry #leela #bender #comedy #fanfilm #indie #cartoon #simpsons #reallife #sdcc2016 #planetexpress #future #alien #crab #lobster #crablobster #america #movie #fun #funny

HelloGiggles reveals its inner bro, recommends against surgery.

Geek and Sundry rolls boxcars when analyzing our trailer, gets to roll again.

Fanfest calls our trailer, “creepy but promising,” which is also my Tinder handle. praises our makeup and design, doubts our riting.

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