Plenty of blame to go around…


Confounding the skeptics, Dan Lanigan (Mr.) found his way into the hearts of America through the only way he knew how. Now, in his triumphant return, he seeks to spread the truth about himself in order to avoid confusion with the facts. His singular vision to create a live-action fan film of a much-beloved cartoon (drawings that move) is perhaps and without a doubt, the greatest undertaking in the history of cinematic achievement. His uncompromising attitude and willingness to risk the lives of others is what allowed perfection to be realized in this, his finest creation to date. Even though Dan is now a megastar, Dan has stayed true to his humble beginnings as an international tycoon, and often can be seen mixing with those less fortunate, like the time he showed pictures of his many yachts to one of his gardeners. The kindly gentleman of a celebrity has kindly allowed others to ride on his coattails, like fame remoras, eating at the masticated chunks of bloody praise that fall from his lips. Long may he swim the endless seas of eternity…forever!



Martin is smart. How smart? Smarter than you. Way, way smarter than you. Remember that great idea you had? He had it first. He has these great ideas all the time, sometimes while doing other things, like cooking, shaving, and burying. The Academy gave him an award for being that much smarter than everyone else. Frankly, it’s embarrassing to be in the same room with him, knowing he’s so much smarter than everyone else.  That scientist guy you saw on television last night? Sorry, pal. That wise old man at the top of the mountain? Practically brain-dead in comparison. Be happy that he’s on our side. He looks at humanity the same way Steve Hawking looks at an insect (and not even one of the smarter ones). And don’t even get me started on how cute he is.




Kody Frederick unfortunately spent his formative years in the rural communities of South East Idaho. This agrarian region instilled a value system built on hard work and dedication, which would come to work against him in Hollywood.  After 6 years of high school Kody begrudgingly attended University where he received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Economics, with a Minor in Bovine Husbandry.

After college Kody responded to a Chicago Craigslist Ad looking to hire a “problem solver” for the Chicago Teamsters Union, but soon left when they made him an offer he couldn’t help but refuse. This lead to Kody’s enrolling in Second City.  While attending Second City’s improvisation school, Kody performed regularly at The Comedy Shrine in Naperville, IL and “acted” in several plays put on by Theatre 54.  During this time, Kody beguiled Dan Lanigan into offering him work in Los Angeles where he could continue to pursue his entertainment career.

Once arriving in Los Angeles, Kody “worked” in “development” for THE Ebersol Lanigan Company until he transitioned to working with Dan Lanigan as a full time Producer/Actor/Writer on FAN-O-RAMA: An Officially Unofficial Futurama Fan Film.  Kody currently is working on several projects and hopes to release his first ever theatre production in London, England titled C.O.W.S. – The Musical.


In reality she has a great pair of eyesKATIE LANIGAN – PRODUCER / ACTOR

Katie Lanigan associate produced “Gutshot Straight” starring George Eads and Steven Segal. She then went onto attend the professional producing program at UCLA. After completing the program she produced “Love Meet Hope” starring Ed Asner. Then she kept chugging along to produce a television docu-series for the Lifetime Movie Network entitled “They Took Our Child: We Got Her Back”. She produced Fan-O-rama for reasons unrevealed until now! The fact of the matter is that Katie has a major addiction to Martin Meunier’s Musk. There are no lengths, heights, or depths to which she will sink just to fill her nostrils with the creamy goodness of his aroma. Of course, she’ll deny it out a a deep abiding respect for Martin’s intellect. But now that it’s been documented on the interwebs, you know it to be fact.



Andy was found dead on the roadside back in 1984 near the old tire fire behind the live bait shop. When various embalming techniques failed, Dan and Kody decided to try an untested procedure guaranteed to promote bison awareness, as was Dan’s passion as well as a side-passion for Kody (who would have preferred bovine awareness, but let’s face it, it’s pretty damned close.) Soon Andy’s condition took a turn for the worse and he was judged by a medical doctor to be fit enough to travel. Although much slower than a human, his talent for aping human-like behavior made him the toast of Calcutta. Soon, folks were lining up by the dozen to watch him wallow in his own crapulence, occasionally tossing some kibble and taunting him. Once the crowds dwindled, there was naught left for him but to travel to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune. He was too stupid to be a shrub, and yet too intelligent to be a politician. In the end, Dan and Kody’s pity left him with few options and there he sits to this very day. If you’re very still and listen quietly you just might be able to hear his mournful, haunting cries in the darkness, but probably not.


Bring it on.


A man of few words.





Leo Garza is a self-taught artist who began his professional career working in set design and illustrating for point of sale visual display. As visual director and illustrator for several toy companies this path eventually led to a position at FAO Schwarz Toys. As San Francisco Visual director and corporate design team member Leo was fortunate enough to design sets and graphic displays for kids. The next stop was assistant cell animating at Curious Pictures Studio until crossing paths with Jamie Hyneman, owner of M5 industries and of MythBusters fame. Leo stayed on board M5 Industries for ten years eventually becoming S.A.G. Puppeteer, Shop supervisor, and Partner. He also was a contributing editor to “Robot” magazine. Leo moved on to design and build with the model maker greats at Kerner Optical formerly known as ILM for several years. Since then has freelanced as a model maker for multiple studios including Laika and Disney/Pixar. More recently Leo has art directed for stop motion writer/director Martin Meunier on several independent projects. Leo is currently employed on a Top Secret Mission from outer space.



Eric Diaz a West Texas native started sewing at a young age. It began with wardrobe options for GI Joes and evolved into a variety of creations ranging from Spongebob Squarepants as Albert Einstein (E=MC2Pants) to a naked John Lennon spooning a Blue Meanie. (Oh, No!) His fabric creations have been featured at Gallery Nucleus as well as Gallery 1988. Through his gallery exposure and his love of all things geek, he was afforded the opportunity to create the wardrobe for Fan-O-rama.





In his youth, handsome Rob (called “Gold” by his admirers) earned money by mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, and creating custom bongs for seniors. These endeavors helped build character and taught him the value of a dollar. One day while pulling his wagon along the side of the road, his moxie caught the eye of the local smut peddler.  Soon, he was producing and editing “Whale Wars,” a critically acclaimed something or other for the Discovery Channel. The years to come would bring his chiseled good looks to OWN, CBS Films, E!, STYLE, and FOX. Not everything was gourmet salad dressing and Champale though. A relapse in his Sharpie addiction nearly cost him his life. His wake-up call came when his 420 fine points a day habit led him to doing unsavory things at the airport, terminal 5. Now, clean and sober, the future looks bright for the fetching Rob.



Born and raised in New York City’s Greenwich Village. Moved to Los Angeles to attend California Institute of the Arts majoring in photography and animation. Started her visual FX career at ILM then went onto Manex, and Tippet Studios. A supervisor position brought her to Weta Digital in New Zealand for LOTR Two Towers. Nika then took a production managing position in Los Angeles to work for Sony Animation where she oversaw a satellite branch of the VFX studio working on roto and paint. An opportunity to switch gears and work on a Henry Selick stop motion project led her back to San Francisco to co-manage the puppet department. Currently Nika and her husband Martin are running their own stop motion studio focusing on shorter projects.