Common questions are answered here.


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: This is the question we probably get asked more than any other.


Q: Why Futurama?

A: No other show/movie/breakfast cereal offered the complex combination of characters, story, setting, and creative breadth that would allow us to explore the uniqueness of the human condition and societal mores and social structures pertinent to our modern sensibilities while also featuring a creepy lobster-squid monster.


Q: When will it be released?

A: When it’s done. Seriously, we have way too much love for Futurama to not at least try to do the best we can. If we fail, fine. But damn it, we’re going to go down swinging!


Q: You know Futurama already exists, copycats!

A: More of an accusation, but yes, yes, we do. We never pretended otherwise.


Q: Kody looks familiar. Do I know him from somewhere?

A: Yes. Kody played Rocky Gravel, the Intelligent Cul-de-sac, in the direct-to-video classic movie “Christmas Road of Soft Shoulders.”


Q: Did Kody and Katie dye their hair for this project?

A: Kody had to dye his hair Fry Orange for his shoots. Katie’s natural purple color was one of the primary reasons she was cast as Leela.


Q: Can Bender come to my birthday party?

A: Bender comes to all children’s birthday parties provided the child’s parents love them enough.


Q: Will FAN-O-RAMA be compatible with my hardware?

A: Probably, but if you have problems, just wait for the inevitable patch.


Q: Are you taking donations to help with future FAN-O-RAMA episodes, as I’d like to help out financially?

A: FAN-O-RAMA is a privately financed fan-film and we have not asked for, or received any financial donations towards it. At this time we are also not planning on creating any more episodes. Sorry. 🙁


Q: Is there anything you wanted to include in FAN-O-RAMA that you couldn’t?

A: Yes.


Q: My friend Steve from Des Moines does a way better impression of (Fry/Farnsworth/Bender/Leela/Zoidberg/Hermes/Amy/Nibbler/Hypnotoad) than your actor. Why didn’t you call him?

A: Steve would have been great and we did, in fact, call him. Unfortunately, Craig, his boss at the Sunglass Hut is kind of a jerk and wouldn’t let him switch shifts with Debbie. Debbie needed the hours too, but Craig thinks he’s so cool because he drives a Geo Storm, which isn’t even a real sports car. In the end, it was decided that we needed to proceed with the production, even without Steve’s golden pipes and striking good looks. Our loss. Not a day goes by where we don’t think about it….and weep.


Q: Can I meet Kody?

A: Probably not. He receives over one hundred marriage proposals a day, some from non-inmates. There is just no way to separate the freaks from the normal people out there and Kody needs to stay cautious. He appreciates the kind thoughts, though.


Q: Can I win a dream date with Katie? I promise I’m not some sort of weirdo. She could wear the eye prosthetic and maybe the costume. I would pick her up in my hybrid which should make Leela Katie happy because she loves the environment and stuff, remember when she tried helping the penguins? That was awesome. I can show her my fan art I made with the two of us getting married with Nibbler as the ring bearer.

A: Sounds good.



Q: How did you make <fill in the blank>?

A: First, we designed it with an attempt to bridge the gap between the cartoon and realism. Next, we made a few prototypes, slowly ironing out issues as we went. Eventually we were able to get the functionality we required without losing the aesthetics we sought. Lastly, we made the final pieces combining the technology in accordance with Dan’s desires and the performers’ requirements.


Q: Can you make me one of the <fill in the blank>?

A: No.


Q: But I have lots of money.

A: Maybe. We’ll check with 20th Century Fox.


Q: How can I help you?

A: We are so very fortunate already. Please look to those less fortunate than ourselves for your generosity. Call your mother.


Q: Why didn’t you do everything with CGI?

A: It all comes down to Dan’s desire to use time-honored practical effects, plus Dan won’t upgrade his PC so we can actually run the proper software to do CGI. He claims he doesn’t want to lose his high score in Rogue.


Q: Are you going to do something with my favorite character <fill-in-the-blank>?

A: Yes, he/she/it’s our favorite character too. Consider it done.


Q: Now with the creation of FAN-O-RAMA, is there any reason any other entertainment even exists?

A: Except for the original Futurama cartoons, old cassette tapes of Dr. Demento from the mid-eighties, and a stack of unused Mad Libs, No.


Q: What does your mother think of all this?

A: My mother? Let me tell you about my mother…


Q: How many people were required to operate the Bender puppet?

A: As many as nine people controlled our favorite robot. The head alone needed four puppeteers.


Q: Rich Little? Are you kidding me?

A: Yes and no. Rich is an absolute master of the craft and his head blew our minds. We were truly honored to work with him.


Q: Could the actor playing Zoidberg see anything?

A: Of course. He was able to see the blurry hunks of sharp metal from the animatronics whipping around a few millimeters from his eyes. Luckily, his uncorrected vision is so poor that he could not truly appreciate how close to his face these eye razors were. If he had known that his eyeballs were nearly carved from their sockets with the slightest movements, he probably would have whined about it, the big baby. Ironically, his acting skills seemed to have benefitted from his inability to see, hear, and feel anything other than hot, wet, pain.


Q: Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for twisting our beloved cartoon into this monstrosity?

A: Every day.